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Windows Update, MBSA, HFNetChk a Qfecheck
... Many problems, imperfections and also impulses to their solutions and improvements are then only brought thanks cooperation with final users. The result of these steps are occasional issues of updates, patches and service packs

(16. August, 2002)

Windows Movie Maker
One of the features which WindowsXP pride itself on is support of multimedia, in other words support of processing sound and video. Besides the support of audio recording, there is also built-in support of digital camcorder. This new support brings very..

(18. September, 2002)

Using the Desktop, part II: Configuration
This topic also relates to the articles: Display properties

(19. September, 2002)

Using the Desktop
The desktop always appears immediately after starting and logging in to Windows spread over the whole screen of your monitor. It is often compared to the classical work desk onto which you can place different things in order to be easily accessible. In th

(13. September, 2002)

The Taskbar
The Taskbar is a narrow bar at the bottom of the desktop which provides an easy and fast access to the Start menu and enables to switch between applications. Each running application and window is represented by a button on the taskbar...

(18. September, 2002)

Start menu
The Start menu is a graphical menu that pops up after clicking the Start button on the Taskbar, or by pressing the Windows key. The Start menu provides an easy and fast access to programs, files, settings and more. It can contain folders...

(18. September, 2002)

SNMP for Windows 2000/XP
The SNMP service is not only important because of its function of gaining information, but also because of TCP/IP performance monitoring. If you do not install it, some counters of the Performance monitor will not be available. This service is not includ

(19. September, 2002)

Scanner and Camera Wizard, Autoplay
When connecting a digital camera or a camcorder, you can get into different situations: In case you have older devices that are not supported, you have to install drivers and supporting SW (e. g. Olympus 2100)...

(18. September, 2002)

Registry: editors, structure, Editing the registry data. Examples
A database containing most of the configuration and information data about installed HW (settings, profiles), drivers, users (user profiles) and software. All changes made by users in HW and SW settings will appear in the registry.

(10. May, 2006)

Quick change of TCP/IP settings
This article has been written from the need of quick changing of TCP/IP configuration among three networks. Briefly about two possible and one ideal solution.

(14. February, 2006)

Product activation Windows XP / Office XP
Product activation does not affect only Windows XP the product activation also affects Office XP and some other new self-contained programs (e. g. Visio® 2002)

(3. September, 2002)

Print: Printer configuration II.
After having installed and configured the printer you can start printing from the computer. Each program can have its own specific settings, therefore I will only present some examples and tips in this article. To print a document from your favorite..

(19. September, 2002)

Print: Printer configuration I.
After you open the printer properties, there appear a window with several bookmarks containing configuration settings. They differ according to the driver version and the printer type.

(12. September, 2002)

Print: Introduction and Installation
To get both basic and detailed information about printers, please visit the article called Hardware and follow underlined links to further information. Unlike OS DOS, Windows allows to send print tasks into a print queue...

(19. September, 2002)

Power Management
Power management - a feature enabling to use modes and technologies lowering the power consumption or turning off components in the computer. For desktop computers the lower power consumption means lower costs..

(26. March, 2003)

Multiple Display Support
When buying a new monitor, many users consider which size to choose. With coming Windows 2000 and special graphic cards with two outputs, enabling to extend the desktop onto several monitors, some users think rather about buying two or more monitors (Wind

(3. March, 2003)

Managing windows
Before I start, I have a note for you. It is quite easy to write this article in other language than English, because in English the "Managing windows" expression can be understood in two ways: 1. Management of the operating system

(19. September, 2002)

Log in, log out, switching users and computer turn off
The Windows XP system brings several new support elements for more users on a computer or a network and a better utilization of the computer performance within home environment.

(19. September, 2002)

Learn the basic differences: Windows XP: Home, Pro, 64bit, MCE, Tablet PC

(9. April, 2006)

How to identify the current Windows version?

(11. June, 2006)

To create an original style or to highlight some elements in the text, an extensive range of various fonts is used more frequently. This article contains basic information about fonts, about how to ..

(18. September, 2002)

File association
Under Windows it is usual in most cases that you do not have to know which type of file you are initializing - you just click on it and it opens by itself in the program in which it is possible to be used.

(16. July, 2006)

Export and import of the registry files (*.reg)
The *.reg files are used to back up and restore registry.

(16. May, 2006)

Encrypting File System (EFS)
By using file encryption on NTFS disks you will prevent other users from using the encrypted files. Even if they have some other permissions for using the files, the access is denied for other users who work on your computer.

(14. December, 2002)

Editing information about computer producer, adding logo
To convey a contact person or a firm able to solve some problems with computer. To write down information about computer for its more accurate identification or just for advertising purposes or to diversify the system.

(1. April, 2006)

Display properties
One of the good features of Windows is the screen setup. Many users use Windows without knowing that they can change the screen and so get a new look and also save their eyes

(19. September, 2002)

Creating shortcut, changing icon, shortcut key for starting a program
Shortcut is an icon on the desktop containing path to file. Shortcut can represent an often used program, document, a file containing music or a movie...

(19. September, 2002)

Change of the product key
Upon installing SP, if you use a cracked version or a wrong product key, following message will appear: "The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid.

(8. December, 2002)

CD Burning: Audio CD
Burning audio CDs without having a burning program is not too much known. But this is easy to realize if you have a burning support and new Windows Media Player v. 8.

(18. September, 2002)

CD Burning in Windows XP: Data
The burning function is one of many improvements coming with new Windows XP. The technology itself has not been developed by Microsoft, but by Roxio (producer of the „Easy CD Creator“ program). Limited version brings easy files backup and a function...

(18. September, 2002)

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