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Windows System Assessment Tool (Winsat), Windows Experience Index (WEI)
Introduction of the Winsat tool for testing computer performance (benchmark) and for gaining information about the evaluation of the WEI number which is important when buying PC or SW and upgrading PCs.

(14. May, 2007)

Windows PE 2.0 (Windows Preinstallation Environment alias WinPE)
Introduction, gaining, features and limitations. Notes and practical examples.

(27. March, 2007)

Windows PC Accelerator = ReadyBoost, SuperFetch
Windows PC Accelerator denotes a group of technologies for performance boost in Windows.

(12. April, 2007)

Vista: Introduction, Editions and HW Requirements
Brief introduction of Windows Vista - basic facts, editions, dates of release, and HW requirements. Details about new features will be published in other articles on our website.

(20. July, 2006)

PC Virtualization: Running multiple OS parallelly on a PC
Brief introduction of products and options for virtualization.

(29. November, 2006)

Internet Connection Sharing - ICS
We have published an article relating ICS for Windows 98. This article briefly introduces ICS for Windows Vista, however, the procedure can be, with some slight changes, applied on Windows XP, as well.

(3. April, 2007)

Installation and its basic customizing with the answer file Autounattend.xml - part 2

(5. February, 2007)

Installation and its basic customizing with the answer file Autounattend.xml - part 1
This article describes the installation of the Windows Vista operating system and includes information on creating an "unattended installation" using the answer file Autounattend.xml.

(5. February, 2007)

File systems
This article introduces notes relating to file systems used in products by Microsoft. The article was created some time ago and this updated version gives you information relating to Windows Vista.

(6. April, 2007)

Environment Variables
Variable management. List of primary variables of Windows Vista and Windows XP.

(17. November, 2007)

Administrative tools for domain servers administration

(12. September, 2007)

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