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The Event Viewer
The Event Viewer is an administrative tool for viewing important events

(4. October, 2002)

Scheduled Tasks
By help of the task scheduling you can start programs, scripts and commands in any time you set up with the possibility of specifying time during which the particular task shall be running. Often used for backup or tasks which cannot be accomplished

(10. November, 2002)

Removing of a mirroring volume
When one of the mirroring disks breakdowns the defected disk is removed and the system is initialized on another disk. After having started the system from the functional disk you have to remove the defected disk from system. In the disk manager click wi

(14. October, 2002)

Microsoft Management Console (MMC): Introduction
MMC consoles represent a tool for accessing system administration. The console itself is not designed for administration, but just provides an access to so-called Snap-in administrative modules.

(14. October, 2002)

Microsoft Management Console (MMC): Creating new console

(13. November, 2002)

Licensing 5: Abbreviations of licenses in price lists

(15. February, 2003)

Licensing 4: Notes to troubleshooting
10 users may not mean 10 licenses

(5. February, 2003)

Licensing 3: Adding new licenses

(5. February, 2003)

Licensing 2: Administration and configuration tools for licensing

(5. February, 2003)

Licensing 1: Basic information

(5. February, 2003)

Installation modem
Notation about installation

(9. February, 2003)

Disk Quotas
Some users can abuse disk space, so the other users can suffer from disk space insufficiency, then it is necessary to buy another disk. One of the ways to avoid this is to define a maximum disk space for each user or to monitor usage of the space

(20. October, 2002)

Disk Defragmenter
Defragmentation is an application and a process that optimally reorganizes...

(23. September, 2002)


(12. August, 2003)

Compressing under Windows 2000
The compression can be used in the NTFS file system only, in another systems you have to use compression programs designed for creating compression archives, or you can utilize the compressions made by other producers (it was Stacker, Double Space...

(23. September, 2002)

Changing background of the desktop
In the control panels choose "Display" icon. (or: display local menu on the desktop using the right mouse button and choose "Properties")

(10. November, 2002)

This file represents a start menu displayed after the computer startup. It contains data defining the booting of the OS. When the data are changed incorrectly, a file is damaged or deleted, the computer will not start.

(13. October, 2002)

Auditing provides the possibility of  tracking successful and unsuccessful operations in the system that  refer to security and particular users. By this tracking, it is possible to analyze weaker points in the system.

(4. October, 2002)

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