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Security Preconditions
To achieve a high quality security, you have to keep several preconditions. If one of the preconditions gets broken or fails, it means that the security is poor.

(21. May, 2003)

Introduction to Security
The world today is all about information, trust and money. These words also refer to computer, network and Internet security. It directly or indirectly concerns our lives, that is why I am introducing this article as an introduction to security, authentic

(26. February, 2003)

A hoax or in other words an alarming message containing false information in order to disorient or even harm users.

(25. September, 2002)

Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed DoS (DDoS)
Denial of Service - DoS - This term donotes a group of various ways to prevent legitimate users of a computer system from using that system; they are called attacks. The attacks are organized by attackers (also called hackers) and can partly or completely

(31. October, 2003)

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