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phpMyAdmin: Introduction, Installation, Configuration
Web application written in PHP, containing XHTML, CSS and Javascript. Several MySQL servers or particular databases can be very easily administered through a web browser. Since 1998 it has gone through several changes and gained worldwide p

(11. February, 2006)

MySQL, PHP, Apache for Windows - Examples of configuration files:

(12. August, 2004)

MySQL, PHP, Apache for Windows - 2. Apache and PHP
.. This article follows the article about installing MySQL and focuses on installation and configuration of Apache 2 and PHP (version 4 and 5) for Windows XP.

(10. August, 2004)

MySQL, PHP, Apache for Windows - 1. MySQL 5 - Basic information and installation
Requirements, Choosing which MySQL distribution to download and install, Installation, Before running, Running the server, Shutting Down and Uninstalling the Server

(27. March, 2006)

MySQL, PHP, Apache for Windows - 1. MySQL - General information and installation

(5. June, 2004)

Installation PHP: Windows

(17. December, 2002)

Favicon is an icon displayed in front of a URL in the address bar of an Internet browser. This article tells you more about it (how to create, place and display favicons).

(1. May, 2004)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
The CSS is an extension to HTML to allow styles as color, font, size to be specified for certain elements of HTML, XHTML and XML documents. The styles define the visual image of the content. The main goal is to separate the content of the document from th

(26. July, 2003)

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