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Using public (and company) PCs, Internet connection usage
Using computer technologies usually conforms to the rules...

(1. February, 2007)

Request for Comments: RFC
The Request for Comments documents (RFCs) are working notes of the Internet research and development community. A document in this series may be on essentially any topic related to computer communication, and may be anything from a meeting report to th

(13. October, 2002)

Netiquette Guidelines (Netiquette)
Network Etiquette (Netiquette) is a set of unofficial basic rules of Internet courtesy, written and unwritten

(1. February, 2007)

FTP. Secure FTP / FTP TLS. FileZilla.
Requirements on latest FTP Clients. Data required to access FTP. FTP Clients.

(1. October, 2006)

Error messages of http protocol v. 1.1
When surfing on Internet it can happen that there appears an error at page requirement in consequence of some unpredictable event. There can be more reasons, therefore to explain them for each error an error message announcing problem cause is

(5. August, 2004)

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