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windows2000 * 12. August, 2003

Samsung SyncMaster 191T
Let us start a little bit untraditionally with a review of the 191T LCD panel and its comparison to the EIZO L565 panel: Excellent image, features and price. 19,1" LCD panel with an image size of a 21" CRT monitor has achieved great ratings. Co

hardware * 30. July, 2003

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
The CSS is an extension to HTML to allow styles as color, font, size to be specified for certain elements of HTML, XHTML and XML documents. The styles define the visual image of the content. The main goal is to separate the content of the document from th

programming * 26. July, 2003

Installation of PHP on a PC with Windows 2003 Server

windows2003 * 1. July, 2003

Middle Tower Chieftec Dragon DX-01B-D
Chieftec is one of the best known manufacturers of computer cases and power sources for workstations and servers. This review is dedicated to the black DX-01BD case, a DRAGON series case, designed for demanding users who want to build a workstation or a s

hardware * 28. May, 2003

Security Preconditions
To achieve a high quality security, you have to keep several preconditions. If one of the preconditions gets broken or fails, it means that the security is poor.

security * 21. May, 2003

17" LCD: EIZO L565
The EIZO company represents a very high quality at the field of monitors and LCD displays, for which a higher price is charged, of course. Here presented 17" flat panel EIZO L565 can be considered a jewel among LCDs.

hardware * 17. May, 2003

Global Positioning Satellite / System (GPS)
a system used for navigation and for detection of current position of any GPS device anywhere on the Earth, in any weather and at any time (it is available 24 for 7).

networking * 9. May, 2003

Power Management
Power management - a feature enabling to use modes and technologies lowering the power consumption or turning off components in the computer. For desktop computers the lower power consumption means lower costs..

windowsxp * 26. March, 2003

Multiple Display Support
When buying a new monitor, many users consider which size to choose. With coming Windows 2000 and special graphic cards with two outputs, enabling to extend the desktop onto several monitors, some users think rather about buying two or more monitors (Wind

windowsxp * 3. March, 2003

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