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How to identify the current Windows version?

windowsxp * 11. June, 2006

Practical Configuration Examples USRobotics® Broadband Router

networking * 25. May, 2006

Export and import of the registry files (*.reg)
The *.reg files are used to back up and restore registry.

windowsxp * 16. May, 2006

Registry: editors, structure, Editing the registry data. Examples
A database containing most of the configuration and information data about installed HW (settings, profiles), drivers, users (user profiles) and software. All changes made by users in HW and SW settings will appear in the registry.

windowsxp * 10. May, 2006

Installation of Windows XP on a new PC (clean installation)
Installation is not complicated, you just have to watch carefully what is happening on the screen. The installation usually takes about 30 minutes.

windowsxp * 22. April, 2006

Learn the basic differences: Windows XP: Home, Pro, 64bit, MCE, Tablet PC

windowsxp * 9. April, 2006

Editing information about computer producer, adding logo
To convey a contact person or a firm able to solve some problems with computer. To write down information about computer for its more accurate identification or just for advertising purposes or to diversify the system.

windowsxp * 1. April, 2006

MySQL, PHP, Apache for Windows - 1. MySQL 5 - Basic information and installation
Requirements, Choosing which MySQL distribution to download and install, Installation, Before running, Running the server, Shutting Down and Uninstalling the Server

programming * 27. March, 2006

Quick change of TCP/IP settings
This article has been written from the need of quick changing of TCP/IP configuration among three networks. Briefly about two possible and one ideal solution.

windowsxp * 14. February, 2006

phpMyAdmin: Introduction, Installation, Configuration
Web application written in PHP, containing XHTML, CSS and Javascript. Several MySQL servers or particular databases can be very easily administered through a web browser. Since 1998 it has gone through several changes and gained worldwide p

programming * 11. February, 2006

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