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Start menu
The Start menu is a graphical menu that pops up after clicking the Start button on the Taskbar, or by pressing the Windows key. The Start menu provides an easy and fast access to programs, files, settings and more. It can contain folders...

windowsxp * 18. September, 2002

Description cabling and wiring 10/100BaseT
Simple description wiring 10 BaseT (RJ45).

networking * 16. September, 2002

Description cabling and wiring 10Base2
Fixing connector for 10 Base2 (Coaxial cable)

networking * 16. September, 2002

The basic use of the mouse
Mouse - a pointing device designed to make the handling with the Windows graphic environment easier. As you move with the mouse, the cursor follows. This ensures easy controlling by help of the cursor and the mouse buttons

begin * 15. September, 2002

Certification versus School
On Internet you can find a lot of speculations that relate to the question if it's better to study a full-time school, to pay a course or to study at home for getting some of the certifications. None of those speculations is leading, they are all influenc

certification * 14. September, 2002

SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
SNMP: is an abbreviation of the network protocol and standard representing various preprogrammed procedures, rules and TCP/IP or IPX network management architecture. The SNMP solution brings the possibility of remote monitoring ...

networking * 13. September, 2002

Pinnacle Studio DV Version 7
Studio DV v.7 represents a complete solution for working with and arranging video from digital camcorders. Functions for video processing are carried out by "DV/FireWire video capture board" PCI card and Pinnacle Studio software for video editing.

hardware * 13. September, 2002

Using the Desktop
The desktop always appears immediately after starting and logging in to Windows spread over the whole screen of your monitor. It is often compared to the classical work desk onto which you can place different things in order to be easily accessible. In th

windowsxp * 13. September, 2002

Print: Printer configuration I.
After you open the printer properties, there appear a window with several bookmarks containing configuration settings. They differ according to the driver version and the printer type.

windowsxp * 12. September, 2002

Product activation Windows XP / Office XP
Product activation does not affect only Windows XP the product activation also affects Office XP and some other new self-contained programs (e. g. Visio® 2002)

windowsxp * 3. September, 2002

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