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A hoax or in other words an alarming message containing false information in order to disorient or even harm users.

security * 25. September, 2002

Nokia 6210
Specification service code

info * 25. September, 2002

Nokia 6210: Connection to the PC
Many people ask why to connect the mobile phone to the computer. There can be more reasons: 

info * 25. September, 2002

Compressing under Windows 2000
The compression can be used in the NTFS file system only, in another systems you have to use compression programs designed for creating compression archives, or you can utilize the compressions made by other producers (it was Stacker, Double Space...

windows2000 * 23. September, 2002

Disk Defragmenter
Defragmentation is an application and a process that optimally reorganizes...

windows2000 * 23. September, 2002

Used to duplication file directory netlogon on more server (backup domain controllers) . Directory netlogon contains logon script, system policy and common used file (read only). In case this all is storage on one server, failure can mean...

windowsnt4 * 23. September, 2002

Using the Desktop, part II: Configuration
This topic also relates to the articles: Display properties

windowsxp * 19. September, 2002

Creating shortcut, changing icon, shortcut key for starting a program
Shortcut is an icon on the desktop containing path to file. Shortcut can represent an often used program, document, a file containing music or a movie...

windowsxp * 19. September, 2002

Log in, log out, switching users and computer turn off
The Windows XP system brings several new support elements for more users on a computer or a network and a better utilization of the computer performance within home environment.

windowsxp * 19. September, 2002

Display properties
One of the good features of Windows is the screen setup. Many users use Windows without knowing that they can change the screen and so get a new look and also save their eyes

windowsxp * 19. September, 2002

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