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MiddleTower Eurocase ML420
MiddleTower is a compromise between Miditower and Bigtower, it means at least 4x 5,25" positions for CD, DVD, MobileRack or another driver. This article+s task is to introduce Eurocase ML420, but the information in general also refer to other types

hardware * 13. October, 2002

Miditower: Soltech SC-F03A
Introduction of a MidiTower case of quality design made by the Soltech company

hardware * 13. October, 2002

MiddleTower: Morex 916 CB
At first side the case grips you by its look and design. The source´s position under the processor could discourage somebody from buying because it complicates cooling and coming to the processor.

hardware * 13. October, 2002

This file represents a start menu displayed after the computer startup. It contains data defining the booting of the OS. When the data are changed incorrectly, a file is damaged or deleted, the computer will not start.

windows2000 * 13. October, 2002

Scanner and insertion image in the computer
For insertion photographs, books and other documents in the computer. Following use in Internet pages, graphic items for advertising materials, family albums or sending to friends through email.

hardware * 9. October, 2002

Floppy Disk Drive: FDD
A standard part of a computer that serves for transfer of the data between computers. At present it is an obsolete and slow solution with low data capacity. It plays an important role in case you need to transfer or store very small amount of data, or...

hardware * 9. October, 2002

Computer Case
Computer case serves for installation of all the components necessary for the PC to be able to work and to be protected from damage of the inside parts. Essential part of the case:

hardware * 9. October, 2002

Auditing provides the possibility of  tracking successful and unsuccessful operations in the system that  refer to security and particular users. By this tracking, it is possible to analyze weaker points in the system.

windows2000 * 4. October, 2002

The Event Viewer
The Event Viewer is an administrative tool for viewing important events

windows2000 * 4. October, 2002

Password under Windows
Notes to passwords: Settings, Basic Info

windows9x * 2. October, 2002

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