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System policy in Windows NT
Definition collection rules determining potentialities and user right

windowsnt4 * 20. October, 2002

Inaccessible Boot Device during installation Windows NT
Inaccessible device can have many causes, e.g . not recognized disk controller, problems with big discs and others.

windowsnt4 * 20. October, 2002

Disk Quotas
Some users can abuse disk space, so the other users can suffer from disk space insufficiency, then it is necessary to buy another disk. One of the ways to avoid this is to define a maximum disk space for each user or to monitor usage of the space

windows2000 * 20. October, 2002

When installing the AMD processor it can be easily damaged!
We can quite often meet with the mechanical damage of the processor, it is caused by unsuitable coolers or incorrect fixing and using inappropriate force - the contact area of the processor could be damaged. Be very careful when installing the processor

hardware * 16. October, 2002

Removing of a mirroring volume
When one of the mirroring disks breakdowns the defected disk is removed and the system is initialized on another disk. After having started the system from the functional disk you have to remove the defected disk from system. In the disk manager click wi

windows2000 * 14. October, 2002

Microsoft Management Console (MMC): Introduction
MMC consoles represent a tool for accessing system administration. The console itself is not designed for administration, but just provides an access to so-called Snap-in administrative modules.

windows2000 * 14. October, 2002

Installing, starting, uninstalling the program
How to start the program? How to install the programs? And how to remove the files from computer properly? If you remove the applications incorrectly you will probably lose a lot of space on the disk and in all probability 100% functionality of the system

begin * 13. October, 2002

Description of the Keyboard and some tips for using
Alphanumeric keyboard, Function keys, Control keys

begin * 13. October, 2002

Request for Comments: RFC
The Request for Comments documents (RFCs) are working notes of the Internet research and development community. A document in this series may be on essentially any topic related to computer communication, and may be anything from a meeting report to th

internet * 13. October, 2002

BigTower BL28 P4
BL 28 is a BigTower type case containing a 300W power source with support of new MBs for Pentium 4 (another two feed-through connectors)

hardware * 13. October, 2002

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