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SMART (Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology)
technology designed to monitor the disk's activities and performance, and to warn against possible data loss in case some changes of parameters has been made

hardware * 14. December, 2002

Iomega Zip® 100MB USB Powered external drive
The ZIP drive is not unknown for many users. More than one million of them and several times more media have been sold all over the world.

hardware * 14. December, 2002

Logitech Wingman RumblerPad
Gamepad similar to a classical gamepad that becomes a candidate to replace joystick. Including Force Feedback function.

hardware * 12. December, 2002

Infocus LP500
InFocus corporation is a very well-known brand in dataprojectors production field. The Infocus LP500 introduced in this article is one of high-end projectors with maximum resolution of 800x600 bringing - for some people lesser known - DLP technology (Digi

hardware * 12. December, 2002

Acer Aspire 1403LC
Cheap, powerful, with very good equipment. At first sight it attracts you by the stylish look and size (15" display).

hardware * 9. December, 2002

Acer TravelMate 272XV
I just finished the review on the Acer Aspire when the Acer TM 272XV appeared. At the first sight it is smaller with smaller display and the weight difference of almost 1 kg which is recognizable especially when traveling. At the other sight

hardware * 9. December, 2002

Change of the product key
Upon installing SP, if you use a cracked version or a wrong product key, following message will appear: "The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid.

windowsxp * 8. December, 2002

Olympus Camedia C-2
This camera with 2megapixel resolution was introduced in the autumn 2001 together with some other types of digital cameras. This new type should substitue the older type C1. An interesting price and advanced features make digital images available for comm

hardware * 4. December, 2002

Olympus 2100 Ultra Zoom
Short look at the 2-megapixel digital reflex camera, not produced anymore.

hardware * 4. December, 2002

Digital Video Camera Recorder (Digital Handycam): Sony DCR-TRV25E
Digital camcorder for home and amateur use. It can be connected to a PC through USB or IEEE1394. It provides web camera functions and can also work as a digital camera for shooting photos.

hardware * 30. November, 2002

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