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The basic use of the mouse
Mouse - a pointing device designed to make the handling with the Windows graphic environment easier. As you move with the mouse, the cursor follows. This ensures easy controlling by help of the cursor and the mouse buttons

(15. September, 2002)

This article introduces Spyware, Adware and similar - basic description, features, most popular programs and examples of a treatment using Lavasoft Ad-Aware.

(19. April, 2007)

PC components and their purchase
This article describes the main components (parts) you can find inside a PC case and introduces the term "minimum HW requirements". There will be notes at the end of this article that might influence your purchase decision.

(1. September, 2007)

PC basics: history

(24. May, 2007)

PC basics 1: basic terminology

(24. May, 2007)

Number Systems
The "mother tongue" of computers are neither digits nor letters. Everything you write and see is translated to the binary number system. So the "mother tongue" of computers are the digits one and zero.

(7. January, 2003)

Introduction to the communication features of ICQ
About the service, installation, registration and the basics..

(22. January, 2006)

Installing, starting, uninstalling the program
How to start the program? How to install the programs? And how to remove the files from computer properly? If you remove the applications incorrectly you will probably lose a lot of space on the disk and in all probability 100% functionality of the system

(13. October, 2002)

Description of the Keyboard and some tips for using
Alphanumeric keyboard, Function keys, Control keys

(13. October, 2002)

Data size measurement
In encyclopedias you will find data as something immaterial. Teoretically, the size of data cannot be measured, but practically they are transferred or saved to variouis storage media which have different capacity, hence the data also must have some size.

(14. January, 2003)

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