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Cloud Storage
Cloud (Internet) storage is an alternative to other similar services, such as megaupload or other virtual storage spaces intended for storing and sharing data. Birth of such services is a result of clearly obvious reasons - together with increasi

windows7 * 15. June, 2012

Problem with required computer name when logging on to a local computer
New OS Windows 7 introduced a significantly different logon screen. Apart from the logon screen in Windows XP, there is no drop-down menu containing computer name for local logon or domain name for domain logon.

windows7 * 12. March, 2012

Creating a Windows 7 boot DVD
You might encounter, especially on older computers, an error message CDBOOT: Cannot BOOT from the CD - Code: 5. The problem is in the innovated loader on the installation DVD.

windows7 * 1. March, 2012

Screenshot (ScreenDump, Screen Capture) is a picture containing a captured image of the current screen of the computer. The option of capturing the screen is implemented in Windows, but there also exist many other specialized tools for taking screenshots.

windowsvista * 20. January, 2008

Avast: Registration
Avast is one of the few antivirus programs that can be used free of charge for home use. This article describes how to register and insert the registration key.

begin * 13. January, 2008

Environment Variables
Variable management. List of primary variables of Windows Vista and Windows XP.

windowsvista * 17. November, 2007

Installation of Windows XP SP2 to a PC with an unrecognized SATA disk
There may appear a problem with some newer disk or RAID controllers. When installing Windows XP, the error message "disk not found" appears.

windowsxp * 1. November, 2007

RAM memory testing
Problems with RAM are one of the most frequent HW problems. This article will introduce the types of potential behavior of failing memories and testing options.

hardware * 10. October, 2007

Administrative tools for domain servers administration

windowsvista * 12. September, 2007

PC components and their purchase
This article describes the main components (parts) you can find inside a PC case and introduces the term "minimum HW requirements". There will be notes at the end of this article that might influence your purchase decision.

begin * 1. September, 2007

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